My name is Mike and I want to tell you something that started to happen to me about 5 years ago with my daughter. Now at the time I was 45, 6’4″ with short brown hair, brown eyes, and an athletic build from going to the gym 3 nights a week. Now my daughter Mary was only 18 at the time, with double D boobs,

a nice slender body from years of cheerleading, and an ass that wasn’t too small but not too big either. She has blonde hair with dark blue eyes. She got her looks from her mother, that’s for sure. Her mother passed away from breast cancer when she was only 8 so she doesn’t remember her mother too well.

Now the day this all happened, I had called her and told her that I was out of town on business and wouldn’t be home till tomorrow afternoon and that she had to take care of herself. She had just graduated, and I had just bought her a brand-new Honda Civic, so I figured she would go out with some friends for the night or something. Well, I got done with my work a lot sooner than I expected.

I thought that what I had to do would take me well into tomorrow morning, but it was simple, replace this wire and it was good to go type thing. For those of you who are wondering I am an aircraft electrician working for a very high-end corporate job that works on mostly privately owned planes. So, I get paid well for what I do.

Well, I pulled into the driveway and noticed that Mary’s car was still in the driveway, so I was surprised that she was still home.

So, I decided to leave all my things in the car that night because I had to take it all back to work anyways the following Monday.

After days like today make me love weekends that much more. As I walk up to the door, I hear what sounded like one of my pornos playing.

At first, I was upset thinking that my daughter had rummaged through my dresser drawer to find my porno DVDs. As I opened the door, I looked at the TV and it was off, I looked around and found Mary, sitting on the couch stark naked with her knees to her head with a dildo inside her. As I looked,

 she noticed me and looked like a deer frozen in headlights. Her vibrator was on high still running, her hand still holding onto it, her eyes opened wide, and she wasn’t moving.

At first, I was upset and disgusted but after taking a longer look at her I noticed that my cock started to grow. I guess Mary noticed the bulge in my pants because she grinned at me and bit her bottom lip as she started to slide the dildo in and out of her pussy again.

I took a step in and closed the door and hung my keys up without taking my eyes off her. I had never thought of my daughter being so sexy and hot but at that moment all I wanted to do was shove my cock deep in her pussy and start fucking her.

She started moaning again as her hand sped up, the dildo moving in and out of her faster now and I could tell by the way she was squirming she was going to climax. About that time, she stared at me, her body tensed up and she started shaking as she held her breath.

I couldn’t help myself any longer, so I walked over to her, her eyes never leaving me, I leaned down and took her hand off her dildo and took it in my hand, and started to slide it in faster for her, causing her to scream, her juices running down her ass and soaking the leather couch.

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