It all
started when a friend mentioned that she fucked her son recently (Obviously
18-year-old of course.) This got me thinking, Mike my son also the same age was
extremely cute but not as I far as I could see not great with girls so probably
could do with some tuition.


One day I
had to go to his college for a parents evening, all very boring but has to be
done. On the way back home in the car, I broached the subject with him. I
suggested that maybe a little tutoring might be required, and I would be
pleased to provide it.

 “Wow mum, I’d really like that” Mike said.

I told him
to report to my bedroom after dinner at 9pm, naked and showered of course.


At nine on
the dot there was a quiet knock on my door,

 “Come in” I said and in walked my son
obviously full of anticipation, his cock already semi-erect.


I told Mike
to slip into my bed next to me.

“Now Mike
we need to do something about that erection or you’ll be cumming as soon as I
touch you!!”

I laid back
and told Mike to straddle my body and wank his cock.

I hadn’t
seen his cock erect and boy was I impressed, must have been at least 8″ and a
good girth, nothing like his father.


Mike worked
his cock vigorously, he was about to cum oh I could tell.

 “Cover mummy’s tit’s baby” I heard myself

Oh boy and
did he cum. My breasts soaked in his young semen. I scooped it up and fed it
into my mouth until I had finished every drop.


“Okay baby,
my turn now” I told him.

I took my
son’s hands and placed them on my breasts. I told him to place his mouth on one
whilst gently caressing the other.

 “Lick the nipple Mike, gently at first” I


I was
liking this, the boy was a natural. I told him to try the other one which he
did and was equally good, my cunt was dripping.

“Now trace
your tongue down my body, until you reach my pussy.” I instructed.

And so, he
did, soon his mouth was at my cunt.


“See my
pussy, at the top is my clit, it’s so sensitive.” I told him to lick it, tease
it, generally just please me.

He would
know when it was working. I was feeling good, my pussy even wetter.

 “Keep going Mikey, it’s so good.” I said.

I was in
ecstasy, fuck I was going to cum. My own son had got me this way. Oh, cum I
did, I wrapped my legs around Mike’s back so there was no escape for him.


“Your turn
now Mikey, this is how a cock should be sucked,” I said.

I took his
manhood into my throat, nice and deep.

As I sucked
it, I ran my tongue along the base, and old trick I had picked up a while back.

I could
feel Mike’s cock growing in my mouth. He was close to cumming I could sense.
Oh, fuck so he did, filling my mouth to overflowing, Being the good girl that I
am I swallowed it all.


I asked him
how his first lesson was.

 “Wow mum it was fantastic, I want to try more
things” replied Mikey.


I had only
planned on teaching Mikey the basics but what the fuck I thought I want to be
his first fuck. I lay there legs wide apart, I reached out for Mikey’s cock and
told him to lay over me, good old missionary,


I am sure
he would find it useful for a first-time girl. I slipped his now erect again
cock into my cunt.

 “Ride me baby, nice and slow”

I told him.


And so, he did, without my instruction Mike gradually built-up speed, the boy’s
a natural I thought. Faster and faster, he went, fuck I was going to cum.

“Fuck me
baby” I shouted.

 Mike ploughed on, soon I was orgasming loud
and long. Oh fuck that was so good I thought, my body still shaking.


Nin wacan

sinadu waa danbi, ma fiicna iska