Year’s ago I took a bus trip with my uncle. We were headed to Kentucky. Our bus route was every little town on an old highway. I was only 12 so, I have no idea why we were on that long, long route to our destination. It was gonna take 12 hours. It was winter and snowing.

My uncle Kyle was always trying to get in my pants. He started that years ago. He used to touch me and
do stuff to me. Well, we were on this bus and it was cold. We had a blanket over us, trying to stay warm.
As usual, he was touching my pussy, rubbing it and talking dirty to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Kyle very much. I just thought it was wrong because, he was my uncle. But, he did excite me with the things he would say to me. Plus, he would play with my titties and like I said rub my pussy. He would tell me, “If I could get you alone, I would take all your clothes off and kiss and suck on your titties finger your pussy and make you cum.” “Then, I would lay you down and slide my dick in your pussy busting your Hyman and fuck you crazy.” “You would cum all over my dick over and over.”

He would make me wet knowing he wanted to do those things to me.

Boy, the snow was getting bad out there. I told Kyle to look out. He said, “I don’t think we’ll make it to Kentucky in this snow.” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “We’ll probably have to pull over and stay the night somewhere in one of these little towns.” I loved the snow and winter. I thought that would be exciting.

Just as Kyle predicted the driver announced we would be stopping for the night in the little town we were entering. He said, “We’ll have to stay the night in this hotel due to the condition of the roads.
So, we got off the bus and got into our room. We got warm and ordered up some food from room service. I thought that was cool, sitting in bed in my nightgown eating. I was hungry. Kyle was in the bed next to me.

After we ate Kyle got in my bed and spooned up against me rubbing his hard dick against my butt. I said, “What are you doing?” He said, “You feel that hard dick against your butt?” I said, “Yes, I do.” He reached in under my gown and pulled my panties down. I tried pulling them back up but, he took his foot and pushed them completely off of me. I said, “Kyle, you can’t do this.” He said, “Oh yeah, we can and are doing this.” “I told you what I would do to you if I ever got you alone, didn’t I?” “Well, I’m not passing up this opportunity to fuck your pussy, you’re mine tonight, so just give in to me, it’ll be easier if you don’t fight me.”

I was kinda scared because I knew he was gonna fuck me. But, part of me was excited how he was talking and what he was doing to me. I ended up giving in to him. So, he took my nightgown off. He was already naked. He did feel good rubbing his body against mine. I’d never had a naked body next to my naked body before. It was thrilling and that dick was exciting. He was laying on his side and said, “Spread your legs and let me get to that pussy.” I did and he slid his fingers inside my lips and then in my pussy. It hurt but I liked him touching me. He fingered me a long time. He said, “I’m trying to stretch you a little, your pussy is really tight.”

My boobs were only a B cup but he sucked on them anyway. That made my pussy wet too. He got on top of me but scooted way up and pointed his dick at my mouth. He said, “You wanna suck my dick?” I said, “I don’t know, what’s it like?” He said, “Well, I don’t know how it feels to suck a dick but, I know when someone sucks mine, it’s fucking great.” “Come on, try, suck it for me.” So, I started sucking his dick. It wasn’t so bad, I kinda like it.

Then Kyle started shoving it in and out of my mouth. He also pushed it way down my throat and made me gag, but he just kept doing it. Then, he stopped and said, “I’d better stop or I’ll cum in your mouth.”

So, he slid down and spread my legs with his knees then, put his dick inside my pussy. He found the opening and started pushing in his dick. It started hurting real bad. I was grunting and wincing in pain. Kyle said, “I’m just gonna get this over.” He showed hit deep in me and started fucking me. I screamed out and he covered my mouth. I started crying and Kyle said, “Sorry, baby it just hurts when you have to bust the hymen. He kept fucking me and it eased up after that pain went away.

He was fucking me nice and slow at first. Had ask me if it was feeling better? I said, ” Yeah, it’s better than before.” So he speeded up and fucked me harder. His dick still hurt me when he would push it in real far. I ask him not to do that. He still did it once in awhile. He said, “I’m sorry, I can’t help it, it just feels do good I wanna ram it into your pussy and hurt you.”

He ask me, “Do you like a big dick in your pussy, baby?” I said, “Yeah.” He said, “I gonna fuck you all night, to break that pussy in.” “You’re gonna be my little slut that I fuck when ever I want.” “Do you like being a slut for your uncle, baby?” I said, “Yes, I do.” I said, “What are you gonna do to me or make me do?” He said, I’m gonna whip you if you don’t do everything I ask.” I’m gonna fuck you a lot. I might make you fuck somebody else too. I said, “I don’t wanna fuck somebody else.” He said, “That’s just too bad, It’s my decision, not yours.” ” I told you, you’re mine.”

We didn’t get to leave the next day either. So, we had another day and night that he fucked me raw. My pussy was so sore. That’s when he said he was gonna fuck my ass. I refused that but, he forced me on that issue. He just got on top of me, smeared some cum from my pussy on his dick and stuck his dick in. I started to really scream with this invasion. But, he covered my mouth and fucked me anyway. I’m feeling trapped in this so called relationship with Kyle. How did he become so demanding on these dominance and sodomy things?

He said he does expect me to submit to him. I don’t mind that but, I’m not into the pain thing or group sex thing. I’m not doing that regardless what he says.
He said, his dick was a little sore too so, he didn’t fuck me until later in the night . He woke me up sticking it in my pussy. I said, “Kyle my pussy is still sore.” He was squeezing the hell out of my titties. He did say anything, he just kept fucking me until he cum. Then, he rolled over and went back yo sleep.I was wondering if he was asleep when he was fucking me.

The next morning they said we’d be able to leave after lunch. So, we got back on the road and that was a good thing. My pussy could heal. Although he sat facing me facing him so I could jack off his dick for him and he played with my titties. It was still cold on the bus. Everybody had blankets covering themselves. So, no one saw what I was doing to Kyle. When he cum he used a bunch of napkins to cum into. I told him he was a sex fiend. He said he knew he was.

We finally got to our destination and took a cab to the house. He had to warm the house up but, I finally got warm. I was gonna be there for three weeks visiting and mom and dad was gonna pick me up when they got back home from their cruise. I knew Kyle was gonna fuck me six ways to Sunday. I didn’t mind, if only my pussy wasn’t so sore.

I finally told him he had to give me a day or two to heal. He said he’d think about it. I told him I’d suck him
or jack him off, but I couldn’t fuck. He said okay.
Well, an hour later, he came to me and told me to suck his dick for him. I dropped to my knees and sucked his dick. He loved it. That’s how it went for the next two days. I felt like I always had his dick in my mouth. He loved having his dick sucked.

Actually, he kinda slowed down after that. It seemed like he got his fill of fucking and then he wasn’t the sex fiend he had been before. And, that was great. Plus, he had to do some work on the computer so, he was occupied. My pussy healed and fucking was a pleasurable thing now.

He always fucked me at night, two or something three times. Usually once during the day. It was a nice routine. Our time together was ending. Mom and dad were due tomorrow. I was gonna miss him. I’m sure he would miss me more. I’m not mad he took my virginity. I’m grateful for the experience.
I love sex. He taught me that.

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