This happened when I was a 18 years old teen living at home. I dreamed of all kinds of women I would like to have sex with and my cock got hard real easy.

One day I was alone in the house and was lying on my bed, naked. I was erect and my thoughts were turning to pleasuring myself again. Earlier that day I had got a really good view up a girls skirt and had seen the triangle of her dark blue panties above her lily white skin and dark stockings. I decided she would be my wank fantasy for that day.

To make it more real, I decided I needed some actual panties to fondle whilst I rubbed my cock. I went into the wash basket and pulled out a pair of mom’s light blue, cotton ones. I presumed she had been wearing them a day or two before and even found a short black hair or two in the crotch which I could only assume had previously been growing around her cunt hole.

I returned to my bedroom, laid down on the bed naked and started to rub my cock in my fisted hand whilst fingering the crotch of the blue panties, in my other. Suddenly, the bedroom door burst right open and to my astonishment, there stood Mom. I must have frozen for a moment in surprise. Her face showed a great deal of shock too and as I came to my senses, all I could think of was covering myself up.

Luckily she smiled at me and said something about being so sorry for disturbing me as she didn’t think anyone was in but she’d heard a noise from my room.

I was just so embarrassed. I suppose a lot of guys have been discovered wanking by their Mom’s, but it didn’t make the moment any less shameful for me. Don’t worry said Mom, she knew all boys and men wanked off regularly and was glad to see I was now mature enough to do it as well. She was flattered that I was using her panties as a prop and asked if I’d done so before. NO, I half shouted back, first time for anything like that. I just got redder and redder, I’m sure.

Mum sat down on the side of the bed. Smiling down on more again, she asked if I wanted her to finish me off. That way she could make sure I was doing things right for the future. God, I thought, my mum wants to wank me off! Not waiting for any kind of response, she pulled the covers back that I had been using to cover myself. As she did so, my cock became exposed, although now it was soft again.

To make herself more comfortable, she hitched her skirt up over her knees and as she did so, opened her legs up. I could see her panties! She had on pink ones and I could clearly see the crotch. My cock got harder and she leaned over and grabbed it with her right hand. Smiling at me once more, she started to rub the shaft up and down, getting faster as she went.

My mind was in a whirl. Here I was completely naked in bed. My Mom was sitting with me with her legs apart showing her pink panties. She was wanking my cock for me and I wasn’t far from shooting my load.

She kept whispering thinks to me but to be frank, I couldn’t take anything in. All I could think about was how close I was to shooting and my Mom was the one making me cum. In what must have been just seconds, I shot. My jizz came out in 5 or 6 great spurts and most went over her hand and ended up on my bare belly. She kept rubbing till I was completely milked and told me how well I’d done.

That was the first time mom and I had any sort of sexual relations but not the last. I may tell you about other things we did in the future…

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